Upgrading your lighting may seem like a major undertaking, particularly if you have indoor and outdoor spaces to manage. However, as a New Orleans homeowner, you could be saving yourself money and headaches by switching your lighting fixtures. By headaches, we’re not just talking about frustration, but the wrong lighting can literally lead to head pounding aches, not to mention hinder your eyesight.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider upgrading the lighting in and around your New Orleans home. Business owners, too, should take heed. Upgraded lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are untold benefits such as these.


1- Add Value to Your Home

New lighting can have a significantly positive effect on every room of your home. If you ever plan to sell your home, new buyers will love when each room is properly lit with adequate illumination for the size and décor, allowing you to increase the equity for more profit.

What is an Indoor Lighting Upgrade?

Look around your house and identify all the various light sources that come from artificial means. We’re not talking about your windows and skylights where natural sunlight falls on your walls, countertops, and floors. By lighting, we are referring to the lamps, recessed light fixtures, and track lighting that gives you and your family the luminescence you need to feel comfortable day and night.

Not all indoor lighting is manufactured equally, and some fixtures cost more in energy expenditures than others. For that reason, our electricians recommend the following upgrades for every lighting fixture inside your home.

Track Lighting:

This lighting system is fitted on a track and can add elegance to any sized room.

Recessed Lighting:

These lights are installed above the ceiling line so that the fixtures themselves are hidden, and only the beautiful light shines into the room.

LED Lighting:

If you are looking for bright lighting and greater efficiency, you will want to trade your lighting for LED lights, which produce light that is about 90% more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulb.

What is the Best Type of Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor?

The best type of lighting for the interior rooms of your home and for outdoor spaces, such as those to illuminate your landscaping, all come down to a matter of taste.

At Schlumbrecht’s Electric, we can help you find the ideal lighting upgrades for all interior and outdoor spaces to suit your tastes and budget. Call now to learn more, and our electricians can give you all the ideas you need to light up your home inside and out.

Believe it or not, the task of updating the lights is not that large of an undertaking. And yet, when every room has the right type of lighting, the effects can be substantial, breathing new life into every living space.

If you have outdoor living areas, adding the proper pool, deck, or landscape lighting can give those spaces a more homey feel, making the upgraded lights perfect for family and friend get-togethers while boosting your home’s overall value.


2- Boost Security

As a New Orleans homeowner, you have a lot to protect. The proper lighting upgrades in and around your home can illuminate otherwise darkened areas for a more secure home. There are a wide variety of lighting options that can fit every need, including floodlights for maximum visibility when you need it most.

3- Create a Memorable Ambiance

Select the right upgrades to your indoor and outdoor lighting, and you will be able to establish any mood. Set the tone you want and give the impression your spaces are intended to offer. You have an unlimited variety of options to help you create the perfect balance of light for every area within and outside of your home.

4- Reduce Energy Costs

Old and outdated lighting fixtures can become energy drains, costing you big at the meter. When you upgrade your lighting, you begin taking advantage of energy-efficient options that have technology on their side. Each new light fixture can save you every time you pay the energy bill. After a while, your lighting upgrades will practically pay for themselves.

5- Improve Visibility and Eyesight

The wrong lighting can make tiny words seem impossible to decipher. Over time, poor lighting can begin to have disastrous effects on your sight overall. Bad lighting can also lead to headaches and even migraines. To keep your eyesight sharp and headaches at bay, we recommend upgrading your interior lighting to shades more conducive to reading even the smallest print.

Which Light is Better for Your Eyes? Yellow or White?

Studies show that traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED light bulbs are best for your eyes. Conversely, “cool” or “bright white” fluorescent bulbs can be damaging to your eyes.

While more studies are needed, we recommend LED bulbs for the best eye health.

Which LED Light is Best for the Home?

LED lights come in a variety of brands and types. Here are the bulbs we recommend when upgrading your interior lighting.

High Ceilings

For areas with high ceilings, such as an entryway or foyer, you will want to prioritize brightness over softness when it comes to selecting the right bulb. Remember that the higher the bulbs are, the brighter they will need to be to adequately light up the room. For this purpose, we recommend Bulging Reflector (BR) 30-shaped floodlights. With these lights, the bulb sits above a reflective dish that catches all the light and sends it back for more visible light throughout the room.

Living Room and Bedrooms

For more livable areas and where a certain ambiance is required, we recommend dimmable LED lights. These are ideal for reading, playing board games, and otherwise engaging in family time. However, the lights can be dimmed for more relaxation when needed. There are a variety of smart LED bulbs on the market and upgrading your lighting to include dimmable switches is not very difficult at all and can be quick work for our expert electricians.

Color Enhancement for the Kitchen and Closets

If you have walls you want to illuminate or artwork you wish to highlight, LED lights with high color rendering scores are the perfect fit. These bulbs are designed to help colors look their absolute best. Unfortunately, manufacturers of these bulbs are not required to put a color rendering score on the packaging. However, you will do well by buying GE Reveal bulbs. While these bulbs can be costly, they are energy efficient and ideal for beautifying the various colors that make-up your home.

Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting for More Money Savings & Better Eye Health

Upgrading the lighting in your New Orleans home is a project that should be left to the professionals. We have a combined experience of 76 years, which means that there is no higher authority for helping you upgrade your lighting to more efficient and powerful fixtures and bulbs for your peace of mind.

Let us save you time, money, and frustration by upgrading your lighting to the ideal fixtures to suit your preferences and budget. Call now for a free quote and to discuss your future residential or commercial lighting upgrades.

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  1. I was surprised when you said that the wrong lighting can actually cause us to have headaches or migraines. My husband and I just moved into an older home, and I’ve noticed the lighting on the ground floor is pretty dim in places. Reading your article made me feel motivated to find an electrician to upgrade our home’s lighting soon!

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