Schlumbrecht’s Electric Provides Top Quality Electrical Services

Electricians are in great demand everywhere. Whether it’s your home or business, it’s simply impossible to imagine life without electricity. At all times, you need to ensure that your electrical system is in good shape, functioning to its fullest potential. Since this is a job done only by pros, you should seek the services of an electrical contractor who is experienced and has a solid reputation.

Hiring an electrician is necessary when you are looking for electrical appliance repair, electrical installation and electrical renovation services at your residence or a place or building where you conduct business.

Schlumbrecht’s Electric has been providing top quality electrical services to a wide range of clients throughout New Orleans, Metairie and Marrero. Our company boasts a vast experience of 76 years in electrical remodeling, repairing and installation. Being a family owned and operated business, we know our job quite well and successfully handle electricity projects of all sizes. From designing and installation to finalization, we pay attention to every little detail and complete all projects in a way which addresses your specific needs.

Types of Electrical Services We Provide


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Our team of electricians possess sound knowledge of a wide variety of electrical systems, appliances, and fixtures. Whether it’s just regular maintenance or a complex project, we carry out every task effectively. Our electrical services fall into two main categories:

Residential Electrical Service

As a homeowner, you want to know that your electrical systems are always in excellent working order.
We can visit your home to check your ceiling fans, appliances, HVAC system, and home electrical wiring to ensure there are no defects or issues that may cause future problems.
If parts, appliances, or wires need to be replaced, we can provide you with a free residential electrical repair quote that is fair and honest. You can expect all work to exceed your expectations. We also go out of our way so that you don’t experience future problems.
Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it pays to have a skilled, experienced, and reliable home electrician on call whenever you need.

Commercial Electrical Service

Our electricity contractors are experts at preventing or repairing any business-disrupting electrical problems.
We can perform lamp and ballast replacements, generator installations, security lights, outdoor security lighting, and more.
We can install outdoor power outlets, smoke detector installations, track lighting, and all other commercial electrical projects.
When you call a commercial electrician, you want to know that the individual is trained to service your type of problem, has the parts necessary to do the quality work, and possesses the work ethic to get your problem up and running fast.

Tasks Our Electricians Perform


Each of the electricians that we have employed at Schlumbrecht’s Electric is a highly proficient tradesman. Therefore, working with us means you’ll have only expert people complete your electrical projects. Over the years, our electricians have served the electrical needs of homeowners, small enterprises, mid-size enterprises, business houses and large corporations.


Our electricians are highly competent to do these tasks:

Our electricians have an in-depth understanding of all types of house and commercial wiring. If the wiring of your current electrical system has deteriorated or there are faulty connections, you should replace it with new wires so that any kind of danger or fire hazard can be avoided. Whether you want brand new wiring or plan to rewire the existing current lines, you can have our well-trained electricians take care of it in a professional manner.

electrical wiring 319x319

Power failures can cause a lot of trouble and disrupt day to day activities. There are multiple causes that can lead to power failures in homes, offices and workplaces. Some of these include damaged electrical lines, defects at power stations, overloading of electricity mains etc. If you face a power failure in your place, we can send you highly skilled electricians who will first detect the exact cause and then carry out the required repairs.

elecrical troubleshooting319x319

If your house was built years ago or its electrical system has too many faults, an electrical renovation is what you need. Since an electrical renovation involves both installation and rewiring, it should only be performed by those residential electricians who can do it with care and skill. At Schlumbrecht’s Electric, we have licensed electricians who will carry out the renovation project effectively while adhering to the concerning laws and codes.

electrical renovation319x319

There are many effective strategies that we use to upgrade your existing lighting system. An upgrade is an excellent way to bring down the consumption of energy, which in turn cuts down the operating costs. One proven strategy to do this is reduce the light levels using tactics like lamp removal, ballast removal, dimming, lower wattage lamps etc. Our electricians apply multiple strategies and are quite well-versed with all the techniques required for an upgrade.

lighting upgrade

Usually, short circuits occur when an active and an inactive wire come in contact. When a vast quantity of energy flows from the active wire to the inactive wire, you have the fuse blown or the circuit breaker trips. This type of electrical repair involves working with live electricity. That’s why it’s important that you get the problem of short circuits fixed only by pro. Our electricians have adequate experience fixing short circuits safely and effectively.

short circuit repairs319x319

Circuit overload is a common electrical problem in many homes and apartments. If the circuit breaker in your house trips often, it can be due to excessive load on the power board. Our residential electricians can quickly fix such electrical problems as well as equip you with some useful preventive measures that you can use to avoid the issues of circuit overload in future.

pwer board overload 319x319

In offices and workplaces, having dead outlets translates to reduced work efficiency and productivity. To avoid this, you should make sure that your electrical system has fully functional circuits. As a reputed electrical contractor, we provide expert, commercial electricians who can inspect your electrical system and fix the problem of dead outlets in an effective manner.

dead outlets319x319

Installing a ceiling fans looks like an easy job but it involves many steps, each of which needs careful attention. When you want to install a ceiling fan in your house, you should only work with experienced residential electricians who are equipped with all the required tools and know how to mount the junction box and the bracket, set the downrod, wire the ceiling fan and attach the blades and bulbs. Our electricians have installed countless ceiling fans and so you can expect them to do a great job in your home too.

ceiling fan installation319x319

Whether it’s a house or an office building, loose connections can make you vulnerable to fire hazards. So, you should get your electrical wiring checked for loose connections thoroughly, especially after an electrical renovation or repair in your workplace or office building. While carrying out any kind of electrical wiring project or fixing electrical problems, our electricians always create electrical connections that are free from any kind of loose connections.

loose connection319x319

In addition to these, our electricians perform many other tasks and resolve a variety of other problems. You can hire our professionals for electrical repair, commercial lighting work, ballast replacement, lamp replacement, hot tub installation and generator installation among others. Be it any type of electrical problem or project, our skilled electricians can quickly adapt to what a specific situation demands and offer safe and effective solutions every time.

Why Choose Us as Your Electrical Contractor?

The electrical system of your home or business should always be free from any kind of faults or problems and work in a smooth manner. If every component of your electrical network is fault-free, everyone will be safe as well. Therefore, as soon as you notice an issue with your electrical appliances and fixtures, you should give it immediate attention and have it fixed at the right time. What is important is that you work only with skilled and experienced electrical contractors so that your electrical project can be completed professionally and on time.

Here’s why Schlumbrecht’s Electric is an electrical services company every homeowner and business wants to work with:

Experience & Value

We have been providing home and business owners with top quality electrical services for nearly 80 years. Call us today and you can guarantee that we’ll be able to identify your electrical problem and get you up and running quickly, because as a family owned and operated business, electrical maintenance and repair is in our blood.

Call Our Licensed and On-Call Electricians

We will show up quickly and ready to work. We have the training, certification, and ability to maintain or repair any residential and commercial electrical system. We even provide emergency systems. We will remain understanding of your needs and work quickly to save you time, money, and frustration.

Licensed Electricians

Whether it’s your home or business place, you should always choose to work with those electricians who are both licensed and insured. This means that even in case something unfortunate happens or there’s an injury, you and your property will be completely safe.

Understanding of Your Need

Every electrical problem or project is different and so it’s crucial to first understand what is exactly required. Our electricity company patiently listens to your concerns, takes a deep look at your specific situation, analyzes the pros and cons and then delivers an effective solution in regard to your specific needs and budgetary considerations.


We have been serving the diverse electrical needs of people throughout New Orleans, Metairie and Marrero for decades. Our list of satisfied clients is a long one, and growing. Feel free to get in touch with any of our clients (we’ll give you the list) and find out what they like us.

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Don’t delay when you want electrical services in New Orleans, Metairie, and the surrounding areas. Instead, call Schlumbrecht’s Electric and get the reliable electrician services you deserve.

Value for Money

We understand the value of your hard-earned money. For every task or project you want to be completed, we offer competitive pricing and use only the best quality of products and materials. Many electricity providers offer a low price for the sake of grabbing too many projects while they are not actually competent. When choosing a contractor, the price shouldn’t be your only concern. You should always select an electrical services provider based on all key criteria.

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Schlumbrecht’s Electric has experienced, highly skilled electricians to address both your residential and commercial electrical needs. Being a professional and reputed electrical contractor, we can successfully handle each of your electrical problems and projects and ensure the best results every time. Whether it’s as simple a task as replacing an electric switch or a large electrical renovation project, our electricians are well-versed with all types of work. The quality of our electrical services ensures that the electrical system in your home or office building functions smoothly while keeping everyone protected against any kind of fire and safety hazards. Our servicing prices are one of the most competitive in the industry and there are no hidden costs. Give us a call now and let our experienced estimators, project managers and electricians complete your electrical projects for maximum efficiency.