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Schlumbrecht’s Electric provides 24 hour electrical services for home and business owners throughout the areas of New Orleans, Metairie, Harvey, and Marrero, Louisiana. We are referred so often by our customers because we are known for the varied nature of our services. We can provide our customers with home electrical wiring services, electrical transformer inspections and repairs, outdoor security lights installation, CAT 5 installations, and many more.

Top Quality Electrical Services

Electricians are in great demand, and for good reason. Homeowners rely on electricity to keep the lights on, power the appliances, and maintain water hot enough for enjoyable showers.

Business owners, too, rely on electrical service to power machines, develop products, deliver services, and satisfy customers.

When the power goes out, a machine malfunctions, or there’s no hot water for those morning showers, Schlumbrecht’s Electrical will provide the best electrical services you require to get back to a regular routine.

Residential Electrical Service

As a homeowner, you want to know that your electrical systems are always in excellent working order.
We can visit your home to check your ceiling fans, appliances, HVAC system, and home electrical wiring to ensure there are no defects or issues that may cause future problems.
If parts, appliances, or wires need to be replaced, we can provide you with a free residential electrical repair quote that is fair and honest. You can expect all work to exceed your expectations. We also go out of our way so that you don’t experience future problems.
Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it pays to have a skilled, experienced, and reliable home electrician on call whenever you need.

Commercial Electrical Service
Our electricity contractors are experts at preventing or repairing any business-disrupting electrical problems.
We can perform lamp and ballast replacements, generator installations, security lights, outdoor security lighting, and more.
We can install outdoor power outlets, smoke detector installations, track lighting, and all other commercial electrical projects.
When you call a commercial electrician, you want to know that the individual is trained to service your type of problem, has the parts necessary to do the quality work, and possesses the work ethic to get your problem up and running fast.

Emergency Electrician Services


If your home or business has experienced a problem that can’t wait till morning or even another minute, our skilled electricians can help.

We have an excellent track record with all types of home and building maintenance services. If it runs on electricity, we can maintain or fix it.

Simply call us in New Orleans, Metairie, Marrero, or the surrounding areas, and we will show up quickly to help you maintain a comfortable internal atmosphere, keep the lights on, service electrical components, and more.

We work efficiently and go above and beyond to keep your systems fully operational. This saves you time, money, and frustration.

For emergency services for all things electrical, your first and only choice should be Schlumbrecht’s Electric.


Tasks Our Electricians Perform


Each of the electricians that we have employed at Schlumbrecht’s Electric is a highly proficient tradesman. Therefore, working with us means you’ll have only expert people complete your electrical projects. Over the years, our electricians have served the electrical needs of homeowners, small enterprises, mid-size enterprises, business houses and large corporations.


Our electricians are highly competent to do these tasks:

Whether you’re calling about your home or business, the wiring that operates your lights, appliances, HVAC and other systems needs to be in excellent working order all year round.

We can maintain your residential or commercial wiring system to check for aging wires or frays. If problems are detected, we will replace the wiring as needed to keep your electrical systems always working as they should.

If you ever experience an electrical wiring emergency, we can give you a fair and honest quote for wiring replacements, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

For wiring problems for the home or business, we are the electricians to call. You can always count on us to come through when you need quality electrical maintenance and repair fast.

electrical wiring 319x319

Perhaps your lights have gone out or an appliance is down, or some other issue, and you’re not quite sure why. Our residential and commercial electricians are experts at finding the source of any electrical problems.

We work efficiently and thoroughly so that we can not only source the problem but also repair your electrical problem at a price you can afford.

If there’s a problem with anything electrical and you’re left scratching your head as to the reason, give us a call and we’ll find the issue and repair it quickly.

solve elecrical troubleshooting319x319

If your house was built years ago or its electrical system has too many faults, an electrical renovation is what you need. Since an electrical renovation involves both installation and rewiring, it should only be performed by those residential electricians who can do it with care and skill. At Schlumbrecht’s Electric, we have licensed electricians who will carry out the renovation project effectively while adhering to the concerning laws and codes.

repairman-electrical renovation319x319

A home or business can become transformed with an all-new lighting upgrade. Our residential electricians can provide you with track lighting, lamp replacements, surge protectors, and more.

Our lighting upgrade services are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations while giving your home or business the aesthetic and illuminating effect you desire.

lighting upgrade

A loose connection or short circuit can cause havoc at home at disruption at the office. These electrical wiring problems could potentially pose a fire hazard. It’s important to keep an eye on aging wires or lights that seem to blink out, and other electrical problems. If you experience any of these, you may have a loose wire or short circuit.

Call our home and office electricians in New Orleans, Metairie, Marrero, and Harvey. We can ensure that your short circuits are a thing of the past while going above and beyond to prevent future problems.

short circuit repairs319x319

A power overload can destroy your home’s electrical systems. We’ll make sure that your power supply and wiring are up to code so as to prevent any electrical issues. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your residential and commercial electrical systems are always working as they should.

pwer board overload 319x319

We can fix dead electrical outlets or provide you with new outlet locations, even on the exterior of your building. The more electrical outlets you have, the greater the convenience in the home and office.

Tell us about your dead outlets and new outlet installations, and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

dead outlets319x319

You can save money on energy costs and keep your internal environment comfortable with reliable ceiling fan installations for the home or office.

Tell us about the ceiling fans you want, and we can accommodate you. We can also provide you with new ceiling fan installations for outdoor patios or anywhere else.

ceiling fan installation319x319

For homes and businesses that want outdoor lighting installations, maintenance, and repair, we are the electricians to call. We are experts at parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, security lighting for the home and business, as well as track lighting.

Call us today and we can ensure that the exterior of your home or office is just as illuminated as you prefer.


We can provide you with communication systems wiring like CAT 5 systems, electrical home wiring systems for the hot tub or pool, sign repair, internal and external lighting fixtures, and more.

Light Fixtures-lamp

In addition to these, our electricians perform many other tasks and resolve a variety of other problems. You can hire our professionals for electrical repair, commercial lighting work, ballast replacement, lamp replacement, hot tub installation and generator installation among others. Be it any type of electrical problem or project, our skilled electricians can quickly adapt to what a specific situation demands and offer safe and effective solutions every time. Moreover you can see the 100+ list of best electrician who inspire by us. If you give us chance to serve you any electrical service then we make you sure that you will get high quality service at least price with the greatest reliable commercial and residential electrical service.

All Electrical Service Provider


Why Choose Us as Your Electrical Contractor?

The electrical system of your home or business should always be free from any kind of faults or problems and work in a smooth manner. If every component of your electrical network is fault-free, everyone will be safe as well. Therefore, as soon as you notice an issue with your electrical appliances and fixtures, you should give it immediate attention and have it fixed at the right time. What is important is that you work only with skilled and experienced electrical contractors so that your electrical project can be completed professionally and on time.

Here’s why Schlumbrecht’s Electric is an electrical services company every homeowner and business wants to work with:

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Schlumbrecht’s Electric specializes in generator installations. We install home generators with automatic transfer switches.


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Nearly 80 Years of Electrician Experience

Schlumbrecht’s Electric has been providing quality emergency electrician services to clients throughout New Orleans, Marrero, and Metairie for over 76 years. We are known for our ability to exceed customer expectations while providing superior customer service.Many of our commercial clients call us for electrical remodeling, warehouse and building electrical repair services, and lamp and ballast installations.

Homeowners call us for residential electrical services like home electrical wiring and rewiring, smoke detector wiring, landscape lighting, track lighting installations and repairs, and upgrading fixtures.

We are a family owned and operated business and know electricity and electrical systems inside and out. There is no project size we cannot handle, from simple smoke detector installations to major warehouse building electrical maintenance, we can do it all.

From designing and electrical installations to the finalization of projects to your ultimate satisfaction, we pay close attention to the smallest details and want to be your residential/ commercial electrician.

Find out why we’re the preferred electricians for home and business owners throughout Harvey, Marrero, and beyond.