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Electrical Panel Replacement & Repair Near Harvey, LA

Schlumbrecht’s Electric is where you want to turn for safe and effective electrical panel repair, inspection and replacement. In business for nearly 80 years and now serving the areas of New Orleans, Metairie, Harvey, and Marrero, our electrical service technicians are prompt, professional, and trained to provide superior customer service and a job well-done.

Is Your Electrical Panel Up-to-Code?

Whether for your home or business, your electrical panel regulates how much energy each electrical device receives. The panel is also set to shut off overloaded circuit breakers to prevent damaging appliances or machines and to prevent any risk of fire.If your panel isn’t working properly, you leave yourself open to future (and expensive) headaches and your building may fail code inspection as a result.

To ensure your circuit panel is working properly, regular maintenance should be performed. However, in some cases, your electrical panel may need to be replaced altogether.

At Schlumbrecht’s Electrical, our licensed electricians remain committed to providing you with effective electrical panel maintenance and replacement. If you have rooms that are losing power or are having to constantly fight with tripped circuit breakers, call our toll-free number and we’ll schedule a time to take a look.

These can all be symptoms of issues with your home or business’s electrical panel. If the panel needs to be replaced, know that when you call Schlumbrecht’s you’re always in good hands.


Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs to Be Replaced

Outdated Panel

If you live or operate out of an older building, you could be working with an older-model circuit panel. For instance, if you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel, you should know that these were very common in the 70s and 80s. While appreciating historical appliances is one thing, you should also know that these popular models of yore were responsible for quite a few house fires. It’s best not to take the chance.Instead, you should have your older circuit panels replaced immediately in exchange for more modern and code-compliant circuit panels. These panels are designed with modern energy use in mind and are safe for use with all current machines and appliances.

Your Panel is Poorly Installed

If you are having problems with your circuit panel and it is a newer or fairly recent model, you may find that the panel was merely installed incorrectly. Perhaps the electrician or contractor who installed the panel was unskilled or untrained. Maybe the person was skilled, but mistakes were made. At any rate, it never hurts to have a professional take a look at your panel, such as the ones at Schlumbrecht’s.

We stand behind our work and can guarantee that our electrical panels will operate as intended for years to come. That’s the Schlumbrecht’s quality guarantee!

Lack of Proper Maintenance

A regular maintenance schedule will ensure that your circuit box remains at maximum functionality. If you have never scheduled maintenance on your electrical panel, there’s no better time to start than the present. We can work around your schedule to examine and maintain your circuit box in an attempt to prevent outright replacement.

However, if your circuit panel does need to be replaced, we will set you up with one of the latest and must trustworthy models. We can also establish a regular panel maintenance protocol to keep your electricity flowing without problems long into the future.

Replacing Your Electrical Panel May Pay Off

There is one aspect of electrical panel replacement that few people ever consider, and that’s the immense savings you can receive. A more efficient circuit panel uses less electricity, which you will notice when it comes time to pay the energy bill. You’ll particularly notice the savings if you live in an older home, when panels may have a difficult time powering all the devices without tripping a breaker or two. A new panel will give you the energy-efficiency you require while lending you ultimate peace of mind.

A New Panel Can Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

If you own your home, it’s important to increase and maintain your home’s value. Electrical panel replacement will service as an excellent selling point in case you do decide to sell at some point in the future. A new panel might just mean more money in your pocket when your home sale closes.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace My Electrical Panel?

When you call one of our licensed electricians for circuit panel replacement, we’ll assess your needs and provide you with a free estimate. Depending on your energy needs and the type of electrical panel being installed, costs may vary widely.

However, the average seems to be around $2,000 for the typical home electrical panel replacement. But don’t look at it as a heavy bearing cost. Instead, think of all the savings you will receive. And the peace of mind. When your panel holds the proper capacity to operate your home or business with maximum efficiency, you’ll reap tons of energy savings come bill time and you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that you’re at less risk of an electrical emergency or fire.


How Our Electricians Replace a Panel



First, our electricians are trained to root out any issues with your circuit panel. They accomplish this using a trained eye and the latest tools and techniques that we have gleaned in over 76 years in business.
Our ultimate goal is to repair your problem so that you don’t have to undergo full replacement, thus keeping your costs as low as possible. However, you should never sacrifice safety for cost. Therefore, if your panel needs to be replaced, we will notify you when we come to that determination. We will then immediately discuss your options, including the latest circuit panel models for your energy needs.

Replace Old Fuse Box

If your electrical panel does need to be replaced, we will get to work as soon as we come to an agreement. The electrician will begin by disconnecting the electrical meter from your house or place of business to ensure safety. This effectively disconnects the electrical connection, eliminating any danger while working on the electrical panel replacement.
Keep in mind that during this time, your home or commercial establishment will be without power. We will do our best to schedule a replacement so that it’s most convenient for you and your family or business.

After removing the panel and all of the breakers, the electrician will check to ensure that all wiring is sound and grounded. If everything checks out, the new panel will be installed.

Install New Switches

All of the circuits to your home will be replaced to ensure that they are energy-compliant and that they won’t be overloaded once the electricity is free-flowing again. Once installed, the meter will be reattached and each circuit will be thoroughly tested to ensure everything works properly.
Finally, the electrician will label the breakers so that they are easily identifiable in the future, and to comply with all electrical safety codes.

Electrical Panel Warranties

Most electrical panels come with at least a year’s warranty. Ask your electrician about the warranties that we offer. If any aspect of your electrical panel should malfunction or break down, let us know and we’ll rush out to fix the problem right away and at your ultimate convenience.

Skilled Electricians & a Trustworthy Company

You can be sure that whenever you call Schlumbrecht’s for all your electrical panel replacement needs, you are calling a licensed electrician with years of training and hands-on experience. All of our electrical technicians are background checked and committed to providing you with superior customer care. There is no problem too big or small and we can handle all electrical panel problems with effectiveness and efficiency.The thing is, you will never want to wait for an electrical panel problem to get worse. If you are experiencing tripped breakers, if your panel is old or hasn’t been maintained very well, and you just sense that it may be time for circuit panel maintenance, give us a call on our toll-free number.

We guarantee that our circuit panels are built to last and there’s a reason we’re recommended by so many homeowners and commercial business owners around the areas of New Orleans, Metairie, Harvey, and Marrero. That’s because we show up in a professional manner with the proper tools and ready to work, and we always perform an exemplary job.

We treat your panel replacement project as if it were our own. Therefore, we feel confident that you will also be one to recommend us the next time someone needs panel replacement near you. Call us and let us replace your electrical panel to keep what matters safe and to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Call us on (504) 256-7312. for panel replacement today and we’ll schedule a time to visit that’s most convenient for you.