Vacancy Permits

Electrical Vacancy Permits for Businesses in New Orleans, Harvey & Nearby Areas  

At Schlumbrecht’s Electric, we understand the importance of having a safe electrical system for your commercial property. That’s why we offer Electrical Vacancy Permits for businesses in New Orleans, Metairie, Harvey, Marrero, and surrounding areas in Louisiana. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch services to ensure that your property is up to code and meets all safety requirements.

Obtaining an Electrical Vacancy Permit is essential for any commercial property that has been vacant for an extended period. This permit is required by the local authorities to make sure that the electrical system is safe and up to code before the property can be occupied again. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to guarantee the safety of your employees and customers, and having a valid Electrical Vacancy Permit is a crucial step in fulfilling that responsibility.

Our team at Schlumbrecht’s Electric is well-versed in all the necessary procedures and requirements for obtaining an Electrical Vacancy Permit. We will thoroughly inspect your property and make any necessary repairs or upgrades to ensure that it meets all safety standards. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients, so they can focus on their business without having to worry about the electrical system.

Whether you have a small retail store or a large industrial complex, our team has the skills and expertise to handle any electrical job. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that the job is done efficiently and effectively, without compromising on quality. In addition to our expertise in obtaining Electrical Vacancy Permits, we also offer a wide range of other electrical services for commercial properties. From new installations to repairs and maintenance, we have you covered.

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